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Re: lack of gnome on squeeze CD #1

Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Where can that list be found? It looks correct, but different from the
> one in tasksel.

That is the Key packages from the gnome-desktop and desktop tasks in

> So one of the solutions would be to ditch Recommends.

I was wrong about recommends being included currently.

> Full GNOME is already not included, since that would be the “gnome”
> package, not “gnome-desktop-environment”.

Well, that is included in the task as a non-key package, so is
downloaded if possible. (And should be included on the DVD, assuming all
of gnome fits on a DVD :)

> If you really want to make it fit on a CD, we could use the following
> list instead of the one above:
>         gnome-core
>         dmz-cursor-theme
>         epiphany-browser (or iceweasel, but epiphany should be smaller)
>         gdm3
>         desktop-base
>         evince
>         file-roller
>         gnome-about
>         gnome-keyring
>         gnome-screensaver
>         gnome-themes
>         gnome-user-guide
>         gtk2-engines
>         gvfs-backends
>         libgnome2-perl (unless someone finally fixes #542175)
>         policykit-1-gnome
>         gnome-disk-utility
> And if possible:
>         gstreamer0.10-alsa
>         gstreamer0.10-plugins-base
>         gstreamer0.10-plugins-good
>         totem
>         evolution
> I can make a metapackage out of this list if it can help.

We should probably do that. That's enough of gnome not to be laughable? 
(network-manager-gnome seems to not be included in that, but then it's
recommended by the gnome-metapackage so would not be included from the 
current gnome-desktop-enviromnent using task either, if installing w/o
a network, I think..)

Rough size numbers (probably 20 mb or more off in some direction):

                                           i386    amd64
available space on CD #1 for gnome         372 mb  392 mb
gnome-desktop-environment with recommends  543 mb  584 mb
gnome-desktop-environment no recommends    366 mb  394 mb
list 1+2 with recommends                   411 mb  436 mb
list 1+2 no recommends                     257 mb  279 mb
list 1 with recommends                     307 mb  332 mb
list 1 no recommends                       214 mb  236 mb

see shy jo

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