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Re: queries about CONF.sh and README

On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 05:53:19PM +0930, Karl Goetz wrote:
>Hi all,

Hey Karl,

>I have two questions about configuration options in CONF.sh, and a
>statement in the README.
>The two options are these:
># Set this if the recommended packages should be skipped when adding 
># package on the CD.  The default is 'false'.
># Set this if the suggested packages should be skipped when adding 
># package on the CD.  The default is 'true'.
>#export NOSUGGESTS=1
>does 'the default' here refer to the debian-cd backend, or to what the
>config is meant to say? both of these were modifed (first uncommented,
>second commented) without any related changes to the codebase, and no
>particular reason given in the commit message. As it stands i find it
>rather confusing, so any help here would be great.

The "default" statement in each case means what the code will do if
the values are not set via CONF.sh. The backend code in
tools/sort_deps reads:

my $norecommends = $ENV{'NORECOMMENDS'} || 0;
my $nosuggests = $ENV{'NOSUGGESTS'} || 1;

Please feel free to add a patch to clarify the comments if you
like. In fact, shout if you'd like direct svn commit access. I've just
taken your other 2 patches today, and you have a history of good
contributions... :-)

>The README question should be easier: Is the following text still true?
>How to build a CD set - step by step
>If you haven't already, change to the /usr/share/debian-cd/ directory
>(or, alternatively, set the variable BASEDIR in CONF.sh to point

Yup, both should work. Setting BASEDIR is probably the best thing,
though - that's how we use the code day to day.

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