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Re: Multi-arch netinst getting too big

On Fri, 2010-06-25 at 15:17 +0100, Ian Campbell wrote:
> The Lenny multi arch netinst amd64+i3486+powerpc was 472M which left
> around 178M spare so I wonder where that space has gone.
> [...]
> I'll take a look at the non-package content of the DVD next since
> there seems to ~50M accounted there. 

So the sid daily build of multi arch netinst amd64+i3486+powerpc is 614M
(remember that linux-image-....686-bigmem has been bumped)

Looking at the space used at the top level:
      * /pool has gone 385M->494M (+109M, seems in line with analysis in
        previous mail).
      * /dists has gone 1.4M->1.5M
      * /docs has gone 1.5M->1.4M
      * /install has gone 35M->39M (+4M)
      * /install.386 has gone 18M->38M (+20M)
      * /install.amd has gone 19M->40M (+21M)
      * A few K here and there for /README.*, /syslink, /firmware etc

So it looks like other than /pool the big change is to /install*.

powerpc64 vmlinux,initrd.gz:	8.4M+4.3M=12.7M	-> 11M+4.1M=15.1M 	(+2.4M)
powerpc64 vmlinuz-chrp.initrd:	6.5M		-> 6.9M 		(+0.4M)

powerpc   vmlinux,initrd.gz:	5.2M+4.3M=9.5M	-> 6.7M+4.0M=10.7M 	(+1.2M)
powerpc   vmlinuz-chrp.initrd:	6.1M		-> 6.3M 		(+0.2M)

386       vmlinuz,initrd.gz:	1.5M+4.3M=5.8M	-> 2.1M+3.9M=6M		(+0.2M)
386 gtk   initrd.gz:		12M		-> 15M			(+3M)
386 xen   vmlinuz,initrd.gz:	0M		-> 2.3M+15M=17.3M	(+17.3)

amd	  vmlinuz,initrd.gz:	1.7M+4.4M=6.1M	-> 2.3M+4.0M=6.3M	(+0.2M)
amd gtk   initrd.gz:		13M		-> 16M			(+3M)
amd xen   vmlinuz,initrd.gz:	0		-> 2.3M+16M=18.3M	(+18.3M)

So the minor culprits seems to be a smallish increase in the powerpc
vmlinux's and (as Frans predicted) an increase in the gtk initrd.gz's

However the major culprit certainly seems to be the xen initrd.gz's. One
thing to note is that the amd64 xen images should by symlinks to the
regular vmlinuz+gtk/initrd.gz images (since no special kernel is needed
on 64 bit, the intention was to symlink just for consistency in the path
to the kernel for convenience) so there is an immediate 18.3M saving to
be made which I will look into.

The other obvious thing to consider here would be to switch to a non-GTK
initrd for i386/xen which I estimate would save ~10M. It's not clear how
useful graphical install is under Xen anyway due to its more server-ish
focus. Another option might be to combine gtk/initrd.gz and
xen/initrd.gz so that the overhead is only the kernel udebs and not
duplicating all the other stuff.

This seems likely to be enough to squish everything back onto one CD but
doesn't seem like it will buy much headroom after that. It's not that
clear to me where there are other savings to be made though.

Are both powerpc and powerpc64 used these days? (I honestly have no


Ian Campbell

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