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Unable to access downloads

Package <5.0.4 "leny">

1. Downloaded ENTIRE "lenny" set of CDs, using Vista, and made discs.
2. Installed "lenny" as "dual-boot"
3. Set does NOT include "non-free" (such as sl-modem)
4. My ONLY access is by "dial-up", and REQUIRES the above package, or similar, to operate the soft-modem on my laptop, (Toshiba Satellite L300.)
5. Therefore, I CANT get online to download the necessary package to enable me to GET online, EXCEPT with Vista.
6. Vista, apparently, unable to download package from "packages" on Debian site for transfer to disc.

SOLUTION:  I need a site address where I can download the "non-free" packages for transfer to CD.
I can't seem to find this on the Debian site.

Thank you


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