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I am a second year student of Computer Science at Politechnika
Poznańska (Poznań University of Technology) and I have launched
my first free software project.
Richard Atterer suggested that I should inform you about it.

The idea is to use FUSE to provide on-the-fly generated pieces of images
offered by jigdo files. I think it might be useful in mirroring.

Jigdo project makes it possible to download Debian CDs even if they are
not hosted. Unfortunately not everyone is using jigdo to download them.

JigdoFUSE moves the process of creating an image to the server
and allows to virtually host it without need of keeping it on disk.
This means a mirror can partially (only the disk space cost is lower
in contrast to jigdo which also saves bandwidth) profit from jigdo's
magic while downloader is not using jigdo. Downside is that instead
of disk space the CPU time is used to assemble images. Some mirrors
though may be interested in such trade.

The project is very young and its performance is still poor,
but it already works quite stable.

Any critique welcome. Source and instructions can be found at:

Mateusz "Old" Poszwa
Amateur programmer who wants to say hello to the free software world. :)

I am sorry for my poor English.

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