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Re: Getting d-i to find firmware on the CD generated by debian-cd

Frans Pop wrote:
> On Tuesday 16 March 2010, Holger Levsen wrote:
> > On Dienstag, 16. März 2010, Frans Pop wrote:
> > > An additional issue with non-free firmware is that including it in the
> > > way you propose would (I think) mean it will get loaded without any
> > > prompting of the user, which may in some cases violate licence terms.
> >
> > i thought the same at first, but actually that's not the case. The user
> > is still asked (by the package) if she wants to accept the licence. (As
> > no preseeding takes place.)
> But that's only at the point where the package gets installed in the target 
> system. And at that point the firmware is already in use.

I checked, and the assumption that the firmware deb's debconf prompt is
displayed seems to be untrue:

        for deb in /var/cache/firmware/*.deb; do
                if [ -f "$deb" ]; then
                        cp -a "$deb" /target/tmp
                        # TODO debconf passthrough
                        if ! in-target dpkg -i "/tmp/$(basename "$deb")"; then
                                # dpkg failed, force removal of package
                                in-target dpkg --force-depends --remove "$(deb_package "$deb")" || true

in-target does not provide debconf passthrough, and apt-install cannot
be used here.

To use debconf passthrough here would require ripping the passthrough setup
code out of debconf-apt-progress, It might be more expedient to make a
pkgsel hook that uses apt-install to re-download and install the firmware

see shy jo

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