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Re: Getting d-i to find firmware on the CD generated by debian-cd

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Should this be the default behaviour of debian-cd, or should hw-detect
> be changed to look for firmware packages where debian-cd put them when
> firmware debs is in the package list?

The problem with making hw-detect look in pool/ is that it does not know
what debs contain firmware. It assumes there will not be too many debs
in the places it looks, and so it examines them all, unpacking them to
find ones that contain the firmware files. If it also looked in pool/,
it would unpack every deb on the CD, which would be horribly slow.

It could look for debs with "firmware" or "microcode" in their names
but that is vulnerable to false positives and negatives.

>  ln -s ../pool/non-free/f/firmware-nonfree/*.deb .

That source package does not contain all available firmware, FWIW.
You're missing at least zd1211-firmware and atmel-firmware. debian-cd
has a list in tasks/firmware.

see shy jo

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