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Re: Free CD of Debian 5.0

On Jan 18, 2010, at 9:35 AM, Amir H. Moin wrote:

Abdullah Al-Mamun Raihan wrote:

I want a Free CD of Debine 5.0. I am a university going student. I am
interested on Debian. Plese sent a free CD.
My Adress

Abdullah Al-Mamun Raihan
Motiakhali 6th Lane, House No-5, Shipyard, Khulna, Postal Code-9100,
-- Mamun Raihan

Dear Mr. Raihan,
In order to order a Debian DVD the best way is to check this page:
Find the most appropriate vendor (closest to you) and make your order.
Good luck and welcome to the Debian user community in advance.

This won't be "free" as in free-beer. It will be "free" as in free- speech. Of course.

If you want a "free" in both senses, you should download an ISO image from
Follow one of the links there that suits your needs. Then burn the ISO to a CD-R and you're set to go!



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