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Re: Free CD of Debian 5.0

Rick Thomas wrote:
> On Jan 18, 2010, at 9:35 AM, Amir H. Moin wrote:
>> Abdullah Al-Mamun Raihan wrote:
>>> Sir,
>>> I want a Free CD of Debine 5.0. I am a university going student. I am
>>> interested on Debian. Plese sent a free CD.
>>> My Adress
>>> Abdullah Al-Mamun Raihan
>>> Motiakhali 6th Lane, House No-5, Shipyard, Khulna, Postal Code-9100,
>>> Bangladesh
>>> -- Mamun Raihan
>>> 01912315869
>> Dear Mr. Raihan,
>> In order to order a Debian DVD the best way is to check this page:
>> http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/
>> Find the most appropriate vendor (closest to you) and make your order.
>> Good luck and welcome to the Debian user community in advance.
> This won't be "free" as in free-beer.  It will be "free" as in
> free-speech.  Of course.
> If you want a "free" in both senses, you should download an ISO image from
>     http://cdimage.debian.org/
> Follow one of the links there that suits your needs.  Then burn the ISO
> to a CD-R and you're set to go!
> Enjoy!
> Rick

Download is always a good solution. However, he might suffer from low
Internet bandwidth in his country or any oder problem with downloading;
I guessed that's the case, since he has asked on this list to have the
CD shipped there.
Of course there exist vendors which only charge the shipment fee and
nothing else. Ex: www.kishlug.ir (I refused to mention it last time just
to avoid advertisement on the list!)
Sincerely yours
Amir H. Moin
Executive of Kish Island Linux User Group, KishLUG, http://www.kishlug.ir

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