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Re: Bug#543256: tasksel maintainer's perspective

On Wednesday 26 August 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> I also worry what the change will mean for the total size of the
> various desktop installs. Is the 3GB check still enough? Somehow I
> doubt it.

Installing GNOME desktop currently requires 3.2GB. That's including the 
package cache. After 'aptitude clean, 2.4GB remains used.
For comparison, the same numbers for Lenny are 2.5GB and 1.8GB.

I had recommends disabled, and at first I thought maybe tasksel was 
overriding that option. But I checked and that 's not the case.

So I really shudder to think what the installed size would have been if 
I'd not disabled Recommends (with packages like gnome-office still 

/me is not at all amused

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