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Re: Bug#543256: tasksel maintainer's perspective

So, that change was made in tasksel three months ago, near to the start
what was, AFAIK at the time, a 1.5 year release cycle. This was done in
full knowledge that enabling recommends would take some time to sort
out, including getting debian-cd to disable NORECOMMENDS and maybe
handle recommends more intelligently; dealing with demotion of
unnecessary recommends; and dealing with any size increase issues.

If the current release timeframe[1] is not long enough to sort these
issues out, perhaps the release team should be told about that. Or
perhaps someone will want to revert this -- but you get to own all the
issues of the installer not installing recommends while maintainers
assume it will.

Frans Pop wrote:
> Losing network-manager-gnome from CD1 seems like a fairly major issue
> to me.

Oddly it didn't seem to be treated as a big deal by a lot of people when
it happened to stable CD1. :-/

[users disabling recommends]
> IMO maintainers of desktop tasks do *not* have to worry about this.

But they clearly do:
| In the end this is possible, and you’re not the first one to ask, but
| then we’ll get bug reports from stupid users asking why this or that
| functionality doesn’t work, while Recommends have not been installed.

see shy jo

[1] Is anyone even knows that that is anymore.

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