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Fix error message from tools/sort_deps

It seems that "apt-cache depends" recently (as of 0.7.22) started
including Enhances lines in its output. Leading to:
         Generating dependency tree with apt-cache depends...
        UNEXPECTED: Line `  Enhances: kvm
        ' while parsing end of deptree from 'kvm-source'

Accept these lines gracefully.

--- a/tools/sort_deps
+++ b/tools/sort_deps
@@ -308,7 +308,7 @@ sub read_depends {
 	my $i = shift;     # Ref
 	my $lines = shift; # Ref
 	my $pkg = shift;   # string
-	my $types = "(?:Pre)?Depends|Suggests|Recommends|Replaces|Conflicts|Breaks";
+	my $types = "(?:Pre)?Depends|Suggests|Recommends|Replaces|Conflicts|Breaks|Enhances";
 	my (@dep, @rec, @sug);
 	my ($type, $or, $elt);

Ian Campbell

There is no delight the equal of dread.  As long as it is somebody else's.
		-- Clive Barker

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