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Expired certificate on lophos

Hi Bastian,

Last Monday the debian-cd buildd logs show:

    Running tools/boot/sid/boot-s390 1 /org/cdbuilder.debian.org/src/deb-cd/tmp/sids390/squeeze/CD1
--18:22:01--  https://lophos.multibuild.org/d-i/images/daily/generic/parmfile.debian
           => `boot1/boot/parmfile'
Resolving lophos.multibuild.org...
Connecting to lophos.multibuild.org||:443... connected.
ERROR: Certificate verification error for lophos.multibuild.org: certificate has expired
To connect to lophos.multibuild.org insecurely, use `--no-check-certificate'.
Unable to establish SSL connection.

Can you arrange an updated certificate (especially as IIRC the server only
supports https)?


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