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Re: Bug#536312: task overrides for stable appear to be updated when unstable changes -> no network-manager etc in default debian 5.0r2 install

On Thursday 09 July 2009, Joey Hess wrote:
> Ftpmasters: Task override updating is handled by an autobyhand script
> fjp wrote, /srv/ftp.debian.org/dak/scripts/debian/byhand-task. I don't
> have access to look at what's on ftpmaster,

AFAIK everything can also be found on merkel though.

> but looking at the patches fjp posted about this, it seems to update
> /srv/ftp.debian.org/scripts/external-overrides/task with the file
> from tasksel, and then run mk-extra-overrides.sh in the same directory.
> Perhaps the issue of keeping differing overrides for stable and
> unstable separate was entirely overlooked? Although IIRC ftpmaster had
> a different set of task override files for stable.

I doubt that that is the cause as I do remember considering that aspect 
when we made the change. For that reason my patches also still force a 
real by-hand for uploads of tasksel to stable.

/me looks on merkel...

Hmmm, mk-extra-overrides.sh has this:
for s in lenny sid; do
  for c in main contrib non-free; do
    echo "Making $opath/override.$s.extra.$c"

So it looks like the problem is that that script should have been updated 
to 'for s in squeeze sid; do' when lenny was released, but that this was 

Perhaps the releases to act on should not be hardcoded but instead taken 
from some configuration file?


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