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Bug#536312: task overrides for stable appear to be updated when unstable changes -> no network-manager etc in default debian 5.0r2 install

Package: ftp.debian.org
Severity: grave
Tags: d-i

The Task field overrides for stable are supposed to be based on the task
data contained in the tasksel in stable. However, they seem to be being
based on those in unstable, which results in newly installed 5.0r2
systems missing important packages including network-manager-gnome,
pidgin, and gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg.

None of these packages have a Task: gnome-desktop field in stable, and
all of them should. All of these packages were removed from that task in
tasksel 2.79, which is in unstable.

Additionally, pm-utils is in the desktop and laptop tasks, a change that
was only made in unstable. hibernate is missing from the laptop task,
which was also only done in unstable.

Additionally, the kde-desktop task is likely 100% hosed, since
unstable's version has been updated for kde 4.

I have not checked 5.0r2 CD images to see if their tasks are also
broken, but based on tasksel's upload date and when 5.0r2 was released,
it seems likely they are.

Ftpmasters: Task override updating is handled by an autobyhand script
fjp wrote, /srv/ftp.debian.org/dak/scripts/debian/byhand-task. I don't
have access to look at what's on ftpmaster, but looking at the patches
fjp posted about this, it seems to update
/srv/ftp.debian.org/scripts/external-overrides/task with the file
from tasksel, and then run mk-extra-overrides.sh in the same directory.
Perhaps the issue of keeping differing overrides for stable and unstable
separate was entirely overlooked? Although IIRC ftpmaster had a
different set of task override files for stable.

Recommendation: Fix tasks, on ftpmaster immediatly, throw out all
5.0r2 CD images, and maybe try to deal with upgrading brokenly
installed systems? Then figure out how the autobyhand script failed
and fix it..

see shy jo

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