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Bug#512303: debian-cd: fix the ISOLINUX_DEFAULT for lenny/sid

tag 512303 + wontfix

On Monday 19 January 2009, Neutron Soutmun wrote:
> May I have more information that I could follow the discussions about
> this ISOLINUX_DEFAULT should be dropped and what options may replace
> it, or the new concepts that better than this option.

I expect there will be additional changes during the development cycle for 
the Squeeze release (the stable release after Lenny). It is quite likely 
that the graphical installer will be made the default for that.

Discussions will happen mainly on the debian-boot and possibly the 
debian-cd mailing lists. If the simple-cdd maintainer or users want to 
get involved in that, they are of course welcome to do so.

For now I'll tag this report "won't fix".


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