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Re: Testing weekly-builds jigdo sources missing?

Frans Pop wrote:
> On Sunday 07 December 2008, Richard Atterer wrote:
>> On Sun, Dec 07, 2008 at 12:07:04PM +0000, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>>> Sorry, I'm afraid I can't help you directly with that kind of jigdo
>>> problem. Put a bug in the Debian BTS and I'm sure Richard will get
>>> ack to you quickly, though.
>> <http://bugs.debian.org/507993> - unfortunately it seems the bug is not
>> reproducible, I'm not sure how to tackle it. :-/
> As removing all files used seems to "fix" it, maybe you could ask someone 
> who sees the bug to send you his files? It's possible you could then 
> reproduce it.

Well, of course, I don't have the files any longer :-( But I do remember
seeing this bug before, at least 1 year ago. Again, clearing the files
and retrying fixed it. So I think it likely that others will stumble
across it on rare occasions. It always seems to happen when I am busy
without time for a proper investigation which I guess would be recompile
from source with gdb support...


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