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Scour needs your help

Hey there,

Not too long ago deepak malhotra sent you an invite to join the Scour
search community and your invite is still open!

The Scour search engine is shaped by a community of users just like you,
and your contributions are what make it a success!

Why use Scour?
1. Get Yahoo, Google and MSN results in one search
2. Vote on result relevancy
3. Read user comments
4. Get paid for searching!

Create your profile at http://scour.com/invite/truemitra/ and enjoy
searching the web through your favorite search engines. With time, you?ll
get paid like these loyal users: http://www.scour.com/leaderboard page.

Come and be part of the largest Social Search community and help make the
results better!

See you soon,
The Scour Team

This message was sent to you as a friend referral to join scour.com, please
feel free to review our http://scour.com/privacy page and our
http://scour.com/communityguidelines/antispam page.
If you prefer not to receive invitations from ANY scour members,
please click here - http://www.scour.com/unsub/e/ZGViaWFuLWNkQGxpc3RzLmRlYmlhbi5vcmc=
Write to us at:
Scour, Inc., 15303 Ventura Blvd. Suite 860, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, USA.

campaignid: scour200810240002

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