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Re: Bits from the Debian CD team

On Thursday 16 October 2008, Matt Taggart wrote:
> 1) should the images be better optimized for media sizes, both the
> various optical media but also usb thumb drives? (side note, I bet you
> can get surplus small thumb drives for _really_ cheap now, it would be
> neat to be able to give away debian on them)

This should be possible without any problem. debian-cd can create ISO 
images of any size if you care to tweak it a bit and you can trivially 
combine that with the hd-media images.
Only gotcha is that hd-media suffers more than other installation methods 
from the persistent device naming issue.

> 2) How are we doing on current image sizes and how they relate to the
> physical media sizes?

Standard CD images are limited to 680MB while some have a bit higher 
But in general all images are filled up to their defined capacity at build 
time. There is no longer any wasted space.

> 3) As Joey suggested, if there is extra room on the i386 netinst could
> it contain extra kernels? maybe this has already been solved? I didn't
> check.

netinst contains 486 and 686 kernel. What others would you want?
Also, define "room". A netinst could in theory grow to 680MB, but that 
would rather defeat its purpose. The used to be 120MB, but with G-I and 
686 kernel and other general package growth we're currently at 155MB.

> 4) could you make multi-arch businesscards of i386 and amd64? 

Sure, but they would not be businesscard size...
Give the new easybuild.sh script a go and you can do it yourself.

> 5) could you make multi-arch mini-CDs of i386/amd64/ppc by combining
>    their businesscard images?

No problem. You'd end up with an image of 135MB (i386/amd64 each ~36MB; 
powerpc 60MB). Question is does it make sense to distribute them or would 
they just add to the confusion.

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