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tasksel: alsa should be made a key package again

Hi Joey,

After updating the task lists for debian-cd, I noticed that alsa-base and 
alsa-utils are no longer included in tasks-essential.

The result of that is that they are also no longer included on the first 
CD and thus not installed during a "single CD without mirror desktop 
install". I somehow doubt that that was the intention as AFAIK it will 
leave systems without working sound.

We could of course add the two packages in "generate_di+k_list" or 
in "forcd1" in debian-cd, but it seems to me that the correct place for 
this is tasksel, not debian-cd.

Could you please explain the reasoning behind "eject and alsa do not need 
to be key in the desktop task" in tasksel 2.75?


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