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Building CD Image

I have been building a custom debian distribution recently and have come
across a small problem when building the cd using the debian-cd package.
The problem comes with not getting all of the debian installer udebs
included on the cdrom image.

The result of this is that when running the installer off of the CD it
gets just past detecting the network via DHCP and then prompts me to set
the debconf priority, and then asks me to save the debug logs somewhere.

My work around for this is to download all the packages found on another
debian repository into my local debian-installer tree which is used in
building the debian-cd image. If I do this and then rebuild the cd all
works fine.

Is there something that I'm missing in either my debian-cd call or my
building of the installer in the debian-installer tree?

 o)   Derek Wueppelmann           (o
(D .   monkey@monkeynet.ca         D).
((`     http://www.monkeynet.ca   ( ) `

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