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Re: What is suitable Debian Linux OS version for my PC

Bob Proulx wrote:
Hello Dinindu,

Dinindu Piyakaru wrote:
I'm using Intel core2 duo 2.4 Ghz E6600 based computer. It has 2GB Ram
& 512 Mb G force 8600 Video card & 250 GB HDD.

A nice system.

What is suitable Debian Linux OS version for my PC.

I recommend that you install the Intel x86 version.  It is the most
commonly used architecture and will present you with the easiest

Can i install Debian Linux OS 40r4a - ia64 to my PC.

No.  The IA-64 architecture is a different one from your Intel core2
duo.  It will not work on your machine.

Your Intel core2 duo implements the AMD64 architecture and you may
install the AMD64 64-bit system on your machine.  There are both
advantages and disadvantages to running this architecture.  I do like
the amd64 64-bit system and run it myself on my systems.  However it
is not compatible with many of the popular non-free and binary only
32-bit desktop applications and if you are also wanting to run some of
those (e.g. Adobe Acrobat, Flash,

Flash (32-bit) runs perfectly well on AMD64. Just install the Debian-packaged version from the non-free AMD64 repository.

other multimedia video codecs) then
you would need special configurations in order to run them in a 32-bit
environment in/on the 64-bit system.  And since you are asking I will
recommend that you start and install a typical 32-bit system.

Please, help me to chose correct Debian Linux OS version to my PC.

Hope this helps,

I recommend the AMD64 "Lenny" install. Lenny is the code name for the "testing" version of Debian; however, it is very mature, and is nearing a "freeze", prior to becoming version 5.0 of Debian.

It is fairly simple to install it, it has a weekly build available on CD or DVD.

It is also fairly simple to keep it updated.

It is not trivial to upgrade from x86 to AMD64, and AMD64 is the wave of the future.

Mark Allums

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