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Bug#497270: debian-cd: includes embedded copies of bootloaders

Daniel Baumann wrote:
> (i'll never embedded any isolinux binaries into syslinux, so
> I'm depending on that the one in the archive is working).


another fyi: the call[0] for testers on syslinux 3.71+dfsg-3 was
successfull, except Intel based iMacs (which is not a regression, they
don't work with syslinux 3.63 either) every previously failing machine
types appear to work again.

Therefore, I'm confident about releasing lenny for both debian and
debian-live with syslinux 3.71. Hopefully, you'll also switch to 3.71 in
debian-cd soon.


[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-live/2008/09/msg00046.html

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