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Bug#497270: debian-cd: includes embedded copies of bootloaders

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Would it be enough to put the sources of that specific version of syslinux
> somewhere on cdimage.debian.org and document that ?

for this bug, no.

first, debian source packages must contain all sources needed to produce
debian binary packages, you cannot out-source parts of the source to a
different location.

second, debian binary packages and debian source packages must be in
sync, which wouldn't be the case if you out-source parts of it.

however, for the sarge release (#497471), you could put a source tarball
contain the sources for that syslinux version into the same directory as
the source-iso images are kept; that way mirrors should pick it up

> Once that this is done, we can reduce the severity of this bug to
> wishlist.

wishlist ist imho too low, at least normal or rather important would be
more approriate, given that debian-cd would, even if it includes the
tarball with the syslinux sources in the debian source package of
debian-cd itself, still create incomplete source images. which is quite
an important mis-feature of a cdimage creation software.

you need to fix that for lenny to, in case you decide to keep using
emebedded syslinux binaries.

completely unrelated to that: if syslinux upstream cannot fix the
regressions in time, the last resort solution is to go back to 3.63 for
unstable (i'll never embedded any isolinux binaries into syslinux, so
I'm depending on that the one in the archive is working).

also completely unrelated, but while we are at it, the next upload of
syslinux will be splittet into syslinux (arch) and syslinux-common
(indep), so that the pure bootloader files can be access/installed on
any arch.

> I somewhat agree that we should extract what we need from the syslinux
> package itself but it's not something that is very practical to implement
> and IIRC we had quite some history with syslinux being broken in a few
> cases that justified to keep control over what syslinux version we were
> using.

i personally don't agree with this. a major reason for why we have the
current regressions in syslinux comes from exactely that fact that
cdimage software like debian-cd do not use the version from the archive,
otherwise we would have had reports months ago and would have had time
to fix it. now it's almost impossible to bisect between 3.63 and 3.71,
calling for testers and confirming this on all the affected different
hardware out there (which i don't have access to myself).

however, your call.

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