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I'm running lenny and tried to use the apt-file command.
My /etc/apt/sources.list includes the line
deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux testing _Lenny_ - Official Snapshot i386 kde-CD Binary-1 20080428-10:42]/ lenny main
This line make apt-file look for the file dists/lenny/Contents-i386.gz
on the CD. However, this file is not present.

I looked some old CDs
1)  3.0 r1 "Woody" does contain dists/woody/Contents-i386.gz
2)  3.1 r3 "Sarge" does not contain dists/sarge/Contents-i386.gz
3)  4.0 r1 "Etch"  does not contain dists/etch/Contents-i386.gz

The missing Contents-i386.gz means that apt-file doesn't work on
the CDs in sarge, etch and lenny.

Is there supposed to be a Contents-i386.gz file or is the bug that
apt-file hasn't been updated to use the Packages and/or Packages.gz

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