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Re: syslinux vesamenu

Frans Pop wrote:
> What I'd like to see is just the basic choices selectable from the menu, and 
> a prompt for advanced usage. One option to do this could be:

Last month syslinux got submenu support for vesamenu, so its now doable..

Here's an example image with menu items for text and gtk:

Here's an example image with the full set of possible options:

(only the i386 text d-i options will really boot in these hacked
together images)

> It would also be nice to have a function key that returns the user to the
> vesa menu (if possible).

The best thing I've been able to come up with is ctrl-alt-del to get
back to the menu.

You can define a boot target that restarts the vesa menu, but I ran into
some bugs when doing it, and requring people type "menu" to get back to
the menu is not very intuitive.

see shy jo

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