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More help would be ... helpful :-)

Hi folks,

As you might have seen elsewhere, some damn fools seem to have elected
me to be DPL for the next year. :-)

This does mean that I'm probably not going to have quite so much time
for some of the tasks I'm doing right now, such as watching the
daily and weekly CD and DVD builds. Most of the time, they work just
fine. But every now and then they do need looking at and small tweaks
made to: 

 * the debian-cd code to keep up with changes in the archive
 * configuration on farbror (the CD build machine in Sweden)
There are also already some places where I've not had time to do
everything I want, including:

 * cleanups and bugfixes in the existing code
 * integrating Martin Ferrari's automated image testing tool
   (pancutan) that he developed last year during the Summer of Code
 * documentation on how things work (the debian-cd code AND Debian CDs
   in general)

and I'm unhappy about that already.

So, who would like to step up and help? I'd love to talk/walk other
people through the code. We're on the road to the Lenny release at
this point, so I'm hoping sooner rather than later.

Talk to me!

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
  Armed with "Valor": "Centurion" represents quality of Discipline,
  Honor, Integrity and Loyalty. Now you don't have to be a Caesar to
  concord the digital world while feeling safe and proud.

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