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Bug#475463: Ambiguous partition management on Lenny install

Package: cdrom
Version Debian GNU/Linux testing "Lenny" - Official Snapshot amd64 NETINST - Binary-1 20080330-21:41

I already had (and still have) another linux installation, but I wanted to give Lenny a try and keep Etch. During the installation process, there's the part where we set how the partitions are going to be used. I've set as follows:

hda - going to be Lenny's root

hdb1 - pre-existing Etch root - not to be used by Lenny
hdb2 - /home for Etch, set to be /home for Lenny too
hdb3 - swap partition for Etch, set to be swap for Lenny too.

hdb1, hdb2, and hdb3 were listed as partitions #1, #2 and #3, respectively. However, when I was going to advance to the next stage, the system asks for confirmation of these partition settings. Despite of them being set this way I described above, the installation was saying that partition #1 of hdb was going to be Lenny's swap, instead of partition #3.

I checked it a few times. At the first time I was at the graphical installation which I decided to take a look, I had never seen it before on Debian. I thought it could be a bug of this mode of installation, then I canceled and went to the text installation, but the same thing happened.

I don't know if it would really install the swap over the root partition of the other installation, I decided to not take the risk, then I just solved that by creating a small swap partition on hda.

Danniel Soares

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