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Re: What CDs and DVDs should we produce for lenny?

> On 2008-03-16 23:59:52 (+0000), Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> wrote:

> >  2 small CDs per arch (business card, netinst)
> >  ~30 CDs per arch for a full CD set
> >  ~4 DVDs per arch for a full DVD set
> >  (total 353 CDs, 51 DVDs, 426 GB)
> >
> >  1. Is it worth making full sets of CDs at all? Can we rely on people
> >     having a net connection or being able to use DVDs if they want
> >     *everything*?

In the real world, there are many people who do not have fast,
reliable connections; nor does everybody have DVD roms. Is it worth
it? I do feel that it is on popular arch's. See below:

> >  2. Is it worth producing all the CDs/DVDs/whatever for all the
> >   architectures?

I feel that, what should be done, is make a "Core Media Install Set"
that would be just the basic standardized install for desktop and/or
server for CDs, DVDs, Flash Drives, etc and the rest of the full set
can be downloaded at a later date due to the growing size of Debian,
because it will only get bigger.

I also think the popular arch's should all be available for the full
line of optical media. I would think that you could sort that out
easily as to which have been downloaded the most.

With the least popular arch's, they would need to download the
standardized cds, dvds, flash drive images,etc to install and to solve
the rest of any non standardized packages, it could be downloaded thru
the repositories. This would cut the total media size way down.

> >  4. ??? - what else would be a sane option?

There really is none, only because on one hand you have people who
install Debian on computers that are not connected to the internet or
that are on very slow connections that will need the software due to
various mentioned/non mentioned reasons and on the other hand you have
people who need/want Debian on net install media with their fast
internet connections, without the hassle to switch media in-out and/or
wait for all of the media to download for installation.

So many choices and options.......................................

"To be or Not to be?" :)


JD. Brown

Linux User # 375995

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