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Re: What CDs and DVDs should we produce for lenny?

Paul Cager dijo [Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 12:29:04AM +0000]:
> [...]
> > 1. Is it worth making full sets of CDs at all? Can we rely on people
> >    having a net connection or being able to use DVDs if they want
> >    *everything*?
> > 2. Is it worth producing all the CDs/DVDs/whatever for all the
> >    architectures?
> > 3. For some arches, should we just provide the first couple of CDs
> >    and a full set of DVDs? This is a bit of a compromise option - if
> >    a given machine will not boot from DVD, but can boot from CD and
> >    get the rest of its packages from a network share then all's good.
> > 4. ??? - what else would be a sane option?
> (I'd better disclose a conflict of interest - I sell Debian CDs and DVDs).
> I'd quite like there to be full sets for i386 and amd64. I think an
> inexperienced user could find it quite discouraging to have to
> install using a mapped drive.
> What about a modification of 3?  For the less popular arches we
> provide the first couple of CD images, but the other CDs are only
> available as jigdo downloads. Does that make sense?  You'd still
> have to create every CD image, of course, but the mirrors would have
> to carry much less data / traffic.

Official mirrors only carry the individual .debs and the Jigdo
description files :) So I think your proposal is dealt with. Of
course, some people provide pre-cooked ISO files for download.

/me throws question at the void: Would it be feasible to get something
akin to an inverse-FUSE that presents ISO files in the presence of the
individual debs and Jigdo files? Yes, it would probably be much more
processor-intensive than just downloading a file, so I might be
talking nonsense...

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