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Re: Change how debian-cd include recommended packages?

[Petter Reinholdtsen]
> > Any comments?  Any idea how to change debian-cd to make it behave
> > this way?
> I believe this patch solve it.  It will first check all the packages
> listed in the OR list to see if any of them are already included.  If
> none of them are included, the first of the acceptable packages is
> added.  I'm testing this with Debian Edu now.  It got rid of quite a
> few unwanted packages. :)

I think you should probably _always_ include at least the first alternative
so that the package tools can have the chance to figure out what the optimal
solution is for a given set of packages.

Note that this issue is related to #410418. A few patches have been tried
recently for this, but those broke full CD images.
The issue has been discussed a few times and Sledge's conclusion is that,
since the rewrite of debian-cd for Etch (3.0 release), list2cds may no
longer be the correct place to implement this.
Also somewhat related is: #451237.

Here is some of the conversation:
<Sledge> debian-cd v3.x moves the whole dependency stuff from the list2cds stage to later in the chain
<Sledge> so we (OK, I) need to think about it some more in make_disc_trees
<Sledge> list2cds is now *just* for sorting
<fjp>: OK. So l2cd could do a bit less dep checking then?
<Sledge> fjp: yep
<Sledge> we now don't pretend to know what will fit up-front in list2cds
<Sledge> so we need the full list in make_disc_trees
<Sledge> I looked into this ~ 8 months ago and it hurt my brane

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