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Change how debian-cd include recommended packages?

I discovered this when building Debian Edu CDs based on lenny.  I
tried to disable the NORECOMMENDS to get all the packages apt would
install included.

Today, when building with the NORECOMMENDS set to false, all the
optional recommends are included on the CD.  I believe it need to be
changed to only include the first of the recommended packages.  For
example, when adding vim to the image, the dependency vim-common is
included, and it recommends "vim | vim-gnome | vim-gtk | vim-lesstif |
vim-nox | vim-tiny".  This in turn pulls in all the vim
implementations, making the vim package occupy 54 MiB of the CD
because vim-gnome pull in a lot of gnome packages and vim-lesstif bull
in lesstif.

I would rather debian-cd in this case only pulled in the first
recommended package, vim (which happen to be included already).  It
would make the build process more predictable, and would also include
the package that apt would prefer to install when vim-common is

Any comments?  Any idea how to change debian-cd to make it behave this

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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