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RE: BusyBox workaround

Thanks Daniel,

Would that be a 2nd "weekly" build, or would that be a daily build? I'll go
look and see if I can answer that myself.

Frans had suggested I do my testing from the Weekly's though I'm fine with
the daily in this case.

I also didn't know if there was some command I could issue from the 2nd tty
session during the install to pull down busybox-static or something which
would allow the build to progress normally.

Thanks again,

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On Tuesday 18 December 2007 14:02, Charles Abdouch wrote:
> Is there a way to manually get the missing package during the install and
> get it to continue?

This should be fixed for the 2007-12-18-1 snapshots and later.  If not, it 
will definitely be fixed in 18-2 (I'm not sure if the fix that allowed the 
fix to propagate was early enough for 18-1 or not).



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