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Re: What does ``does not appear to be available'' mean?

On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 12:20:32PM -0800, Bruce Korb wrote:

Hi Bruce,

>the "expect" package is in my mirror tree, but I get this message.
>The message comes from the list2cd script because $packages{expect}
>is empty because the apt-selection script did not find it in the
>apt/etch-i386 staging tree files.  This message is buried in the
>middle of hundreds and hundreds of output lines and leave me to
>not discover the problem until I've burned my ISO image and tried
>an install:
>>   Adding debootstrap to CD 1 ...
>> WARNING: 'expect' does not appear to be available ... (ignored)
>> WARNING: 'expect-tcl8.3' does not appear to be available ... (ignored)
>> file has already been included.
>> gettext has already been included.
>> html2text has already been included.
>> + Trying to add iproute...
>So, just what does this really mean and how do I fix it?

It also depends on:

 * the Packages files in your mirror too (which I'd expect to be OK
   unless you're doing something really weird)

  * the list of packages you've told debian-cd to use (either included
    from tasks or by saying COMPLETE=1).

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