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What does ``does not appear to be available'' mean?


the "expect" package is in my mirror tree, but I get this message.
The message comes from the list2cd script because $packages{expect}
is empty because the apt-selection script did not find it in the
apt/etch-i386 staging tree files.  This message is buried in the
middle of hundreds and hundreds of output lines and leave me to
not discover the problem until I've burned my ISO image and tried
an install:

>   Adding debootstrap to CD 1 ...
> WARNING: 'expect' does not appear to be available ... (ignored)
> WARNING: 'expect-tcl8.3' does not appear to be available ... (ignored)
> file has already been included.
> gettext has already been included.
> html2text has already been included.
> + Trying to add iproute...

So, just what does this really mean and how do I fix it?

$ ls /tmp/mirror/debian/pool/main/e/
e2fsprogs  ed  eject  elilo-installer  exim4  expat  expect  expect-tcl8.3
>bcdd> export MIRROR=/tmp/mirror/debian/
>bcdd> MIRROR=/tmp/mirror/debian/

Thank you!!  Regards, Bruce

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