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Re: etch+1/2 D-I options (was: Meeting for etch and a half)

(No need to CC me; I'm subscribed to the debian-boot list.)

On Thursday 13 December 2007, Andrew McGlashan wrote:
> I am essentially a novice in this area, but what is wrong with leaving
> the installer as is -- especially netinst?  The kernel could be upgraded
> post install if required.  I love being able to build boxes with just
> netinst and a good Internet connection.

The main idea behind having a newer kernel is to add support for new 
hardware. So, if the installer just keeps the old kernel and that kernel 
does not support their disk controller, how are they supposed to get to the 
post-install stage?

> 5) Leave installer as is, require user actioned kernel upgrade post
> install IF required.

Note that my options 3 and 4 basically _are_ your option 5: the official 
Etch installer is not touched.
We just tell people that there is an alternative to that installer using the 
old kernel and possibly provide some selected _additional_ CD images with 
the new kernel.


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