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Re: How to create only a pool for packages

On Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 12:09:47PM +0100, abdelkader belahcene wrote:
> I don't need a new distro ( I 've seen sidux, ubuntu, .....).
> I want to generate my own pool from selected packages, and provide to
> my students and other users to install from my pool.
> Sure I can write a script to split packages , sort them  and put them
> in appropriate directories, I just ask if someone has that script, I
> use !!!!!

Do you actually *need* a pool layout? At a guess, you only have a couple of 
packages - you can just dump them in a single publically accessible 
directory and let apt-ftparchive do its thing, it'll accept any directory 

I don't know how to find the code that does the pool layout for debian.org. 
At a guess, it's somewhere on alioth. But putting packages in the right 
subdirectory depending on the package name will only require very little 
scripting anyway...



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