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Re: How to create only a pool for packages

Thank you,
I don't need a new distro ( I 've seen sidux, ubuntu, .....).
I want to generate my own pool from selected packages, and provide to
my students and other users to install from my pool.
Sure I can write a script to split packages , sort them  and put them
in appropriate directories, I just ask if someone has that script, I
use !!!!!

that 's all


Uwe Bugla a écrit :
> Am Mittwoch, 22. August 2007 12:10:35 schrieb abdelkader belahcene:
>> Hi, I want to create Just a pool ( not CDs), just  pool with same
>>  arborescene as the official. debian-cd is to big and hard to me.
>> usually I store my package in directory and use dpkg-scanpackes
>> to generate Packages.gz. I want to improve a bit more :  the
>> directory must contains : pool/main/a, pool/main/b, ... packages
>> and  other  files :
>> debian  md5sum.txt  pool         README.mirrors.html  README.txt
>> autorun.inf  dists   pics        README.html  README.mirrors.txt
>> *I repeat I don't need the iso images (juts packages organized as
>> a tree)
>> *My goal is, instead of downloaing the 3 debian DVD ( or 22 CD),
>> I create just 2 or 3 cd for my purpose. The second goal is to do
>> this for the testing or sid distro, to get more recent packages,
>> with the netinstall ( which gets packages from my site instead of
>> the offical)
>> thanks for help best regards bela .
> Hi bela,
> I guess you do not need to reinvent the wheel again :)
> Take this stuff here - it's very good! It will contain almost
> everything that you need on one CD.
> http://debian.tu-bs.de/project/sidux/release/
> sidux-2007-03.1-200708151444-gaia-kde-full.iso
> Cheers
> Uwe

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