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Re: Reasonable maximum package size ?

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Debug packages: (369MB) (not arch:all)
>      53959746 boson-dbg
>      55430908 icedove-dbg
>      56274922 koffice-dbg
>      59787420 iceape-dbg
>      86404478 libgl1-mesa-dri-dbg

These seem to be built with separated debugging symbols. They could
probably still be reduced in size with compilation flags as discussed in
the recent thread on dbg packages.

>      57383550 libqt4-debug

This doesn't use separated debug symbols, so it's a good candidate for a
bug report to switch to them.

> > The advantages would be: [...]
> > - make it possible to not include such data on the regular binary CDs,
> >   but for example on separate arch-independent "data" CDs
> Particularly for game data, it seems like it'd make more sense (at least
> from a user's pov) to include the game code and the game data on the same
> CD, given they'd always be installed at the same time. I've no idea if
> that could realistically be done, or if there's any point thinking about
> it 'til later though.

debian-cd already supports multiarch CDs. It seems fairly doable to
exclude a set of packages from the main CD sets and put them on a set of
multiarch game CDs. It seems worthwhile as it would reduce the total
number of CDs containing said game data from approx 36 to 4. It might
even make the resulting CDs more likely to be used; currently few people
bother to use a full 23 CD set, but if they're into games and know which
4 CDs contain the large ones, it's worth getting just those 4. Better
yet, put it on a single DVD.

see shy jo

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