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On 5/9/07, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
On Wednesday 09 May 2007 06:52, Brian Morris wrote:
> please provide us with updated images so that I and
> others with slow internet/ multiple machine needs for
> cd images can do our updates.

The m68k architecture is currently not in testing (a consequence of it not
being an Etch release architecture), so it is impossible to build images
for it. The m68k porters are working on getting the architecture
supported again, but it is currently unknown if and when that will


boy you are one mean bureaucratic honcho. where do
you get off talking down to people like that ?

it loooks to me like testing is there.  I think you are in error
about that, or else there is some dispute.

additionally there is unstable, and there is etch-m68k on
the mirrors in the pool directories.

(you are not courteous in your reply. Isn't there some
possible alternative ?)

we should have cd-images for all of those. no, we should
have jigdo templates for all of the ports and no cd images
for anyone. there is no need for the actual images at all.
(ok for new installs of stable).

i am not requesting any official status, I could not care
less about that. (my respect for debian policy having
taken a precipitous nose dive in the past year).

additionally it should be no secret if I wanted to make
my own templates.

it seems to me you are blocking the possibility of reinstatement
of the port by not providing the means to create images.
and also that you are blocking the principles of free
software, if not the legal statement of the licenses.

I understand some protectiveness around the release
of official cd images. but that cannot be allowed to
continue the erosion of  our freedoms. it is a very
dangerous thing and debian has no business being
on the wrong side of it.

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