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Re: too many CD ISOs

Raphael Hertzog wrote:

On Tue, 17 Apr 2007, Frans Pop wrote:
On Tuesday 17 April 2007 19:42, Michael Loftis wrote:
It's becoming prohibitively expensive for mirrors to maintain a debian
mirror because of the huge amount of storage required by all of the
CD/DVD images.  This has been brought up before by mirror maintainers.
IMH(umble)O Jigdo should be pushed much much harder since it can
generate the entire CD or DVD set for a given arch off a normal repo
pool, and those have to be kept around anyway.
That is an idea. Maybe only publish the lower .iso's (exactly how many would need to be determined) but keep all jigdo's around. CD vendors can probably be expected to be able to generate iso's using jigdo.

While I sympathize with the idea, please keep in mind that some big mirrors prefer that users download images via ISO than via jigdo. So the most popular
images should really be available as ISO.

Reason: it's much more effective for them when users download an ISO than
when they use jigdo. For example the ftp.fr.debian.org admin explained me
that they were limited by the disk seek and not by the bandwith used by
the users.


Jidgo only is a bad idea. The format is largely unknown outside geek-ville. Many of you may think that jidgo is cool, but bittorrent won. Get over it and stop making things awkward with a download format used almost exclusively for linux distributions. There are lots of bittorrent clients on all operating systems, and lots of applications for the almost identical, better named technology

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