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Re: too many CD ISOs

On Tuesday 17 April 2007 19:59, Matt Taggart wrote:

> So how about keeping around a fixed amount of CD images per arch and
> dropping the rest? I was thinking 3-4, but it might be cool to keep the
> first DVD's worth of packages, so maybe that would be 7 CDs?
> Hmm, we have the kde/xfce images too, I wonder if it would be possible
> to make each of those be unique beyond the base install and they could
> act as CD 2 and 3 for each other?
> Are there other reasons for keeping all the CD images around? If not,
> now is probably a good time to get rid of them.

After a careful examination of the discs I now recommend the first four 
CDs and first DVD.

However, I have had an order, and from the US, for the complete DVD set.  
This person had good reasons for wanting the complete set.

There are parts of the world that depend on recycled hardware with CD 
drives and no DVD drive, and poor/expensive internet connections.  So I 
would say keep the complete sets, but give some guidance about the number 
of discs needed.


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