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Bug#417395: [qji: Debian Installer (Etch RC2) creates bad partition table]

Package: cdrom
version: Debian Installer 4.0 "Etch" RC2 DVD (released 19.03.2007.)
arch: i386

At last weekend I installed Debian into 20 very similar machines. I
used "install" and "installgui" mode too. The machines discs have
Windows XP and other Linux partitions. I installed the Etch into 9th
partitions (/dev/sda9, because there are SATA discs).

After the install (which installed grub), the machines didn't boot from
HDD! Grub didn't loaded, like there isn't system disc (machine tried
the next boot device).

I used a DOS floppy and DOS fdisk command, and set "Active partition"
on NTFS partition (/dev/sda3) and this solveded the problem, now grub
can load.


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