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Re: jigdo-lite download of DVD #3 of AMD64 RC1 fails due to missing file...

Michael Fothergill wrote:
>A similar error to the one I reported the other day concerning a jigdo
>download of a DVD from the amd64 RC1 Etch release.
>A missing file has interrupted the download again.
>I am ccing the debian-cd list on this as requested by Steve Mcintyre who
>kindly fixed the problem the last time it occured.
>This time it is DVD#3 of the amd64 set.
>The problem file is: aladin_1.19-7_amd64.deb.


Fixed, I hope.

Yes it is fixed. I made a complete DVD image with no errors. I now have copies of all three images on DVDs that have no errors according to the installer integrity check. When Etch is released as stable I will re do the DVD set I have for the AMD-64 and both the DVD and CD sets for the i386 boxes I use. I will use the RC1 images I have to bootstrap the jigdo process of making the new images. If I find any errors I will post them up on the site as before.


Michael Fothergill

Same problem as last time; I'll be much happier once we
get Etch released and then there won't be the same confusion between
the old unofficial amd64 packages and new official ones with exactly
the same name... :-/

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK. steve@einval.com "When C++ is your hammer, everything looks like a thumb." -- Steven M. Haflich

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