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Re: A first test report on multiarch DVD

On Tuesday 16 January 2007 19:46, Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
> 3. manual section 2.1.5 states that in order to fully use an SMP system
> you need to run an SMP kernel. Is this still true with newer kernel
> packages? Is this applicable to multi core CPU like this one?

This has already been corrected in the version of the manual that was 
uploaded yesterday:

> 4. still about the manual. Chaper 2.1.1 display a table with all
> architeture supported by Etch. I cound in this architecture m68k that I
> think will not be part of etch, and does not include amd64. Is this
> correct?

Already corrected as well.

Please always check the version of the manual available on alioth before 
filing bug reports against installation-guide.


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