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A first test report on multiarch DVD

[please CC to me since I am not subscribed to debian-cd]

today I tried my first multiarch DVD on a brand new machine. It is a
DELL PowerEdge 840 with a Xeon 3040 processor. I expected to my install
and amd64 system, while the DVD always booted with install.386/vmlinuz

The DVD version shown when pressing F1 at the boot prompt is "Debian
testing M-A 1 20070102-08:25; d-i 2006110".

I have a couple of questions regarding this DVD, even if I will retry
this install tomorrow after updating my image with jigdo to the new
version dated 20070125.

1. is there anything I should do in order to start the amd64 kernel
instead of the i386?

2. the documentation is incorrectly linked: if you open the README.html
in the DVD root and you follow the link named "doc/manual/en/index.html"
then you get an error. The correct link is either
doc/manual/i386/en/index.html or doc/manual/powerpc/en/index.html.
Moreover the manual dor amd64 architecture is missing.

3. manual section 2.1.5 states that in order to fully use an SMP system
you need to run an SMP kernel. Is this still true with newer kernel
packages? Is this applicable to multi core CPU like this one?

4. still about the manual. Chaper 2.1.1 display a table with all
architeture supported by Etch. I cound in this architecture m68k that I
think will not be part of etch, and does not include amd64. Is this

I will test the new version tomorrow and, if necessary, submit a bug
report against the installation manual.


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