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Re: Re: Metalink mirrors

Subredu Manuel wrote:
here we go again ...
 Do you really think that this huge number has been generated by metalinks ? :)

Please do not start any discussion, that is not what I was mailing for at all.

Anybody has the right not to be included in metalinks generated by my
systems and I've added a quick hack and will add more in the future
(see the help at the site if interested).

I would like to add, however, that I'm not out to get everybody to
segment their downloads. There will always be aggressive clients on
any kind of network, and I can't see any way of stopping that or
putting it in a good light.

For me it's about connecting a secure hash to your local mirror url,
because for the right hash, there is only one authoritative source.
People won't check their downloads unless something goes wrong or it's
automated. Same holds true for choosing the right mirror.

I'm hoping to get both done, and Metalinks are just a part of this puzzle.

Thanking for all your replies once again,
 Bram Neijt

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