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Re: i386-xfce-CD-1 dated 2006/12/19 (was: Re: Bits from the debian-cd team; more CD/DVDs being built regularly)

Frans Pop wrote:
> That is expected ATM. You'll have to wait for the release of D-I RC2 to be 
> able to build the KDE or xfce CDs without any tweaking (the 'official" 
> builds currently take the udebs from unstable for those two types of 
> images as they need an updated version of a particular udeb).

I think that jigdo shoud still work for downloading them, not 100% sure

> That is not the splash screen, but rather a "normal" result of 
> modeswitching after you have started the actual boot.

I wonder if we could write a black screen to video memory first and
avoid this..

see shy jo

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