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Re: D-I RC1 - release planning - update - full freeze

A bit overdue, but here goes.

The release is going more or less as planned; we're only a few days behind 
schedule. There has been an excellent response from translators to the 
string freeze which means we will have 46 fully translated languages in 

We have also seen quite a few installation reports in response to the call 
for testing, though not for all architectures. A few issues have been 
fixed as a result of these reports and it looks like the installer is in 
fine shape in general.
I've seen no reports for the following architectures, which is 
   alpha, arm, m68k, mips, mipsel
Additional reports for powerpc would be welcome too.

In my previous mail I listed the following blocking bugs:
- regression in the progress bar in the newt frontend (#391676)
- incorrect display for CJK languages (newt/slang: #392942/392987)
- keyboard support on mips SGI Indigo2 (#382983)
- floppies too big for powerpc (should be possible to resolve using
  new infrastructure by Sylvain Ferriol)

The first two have been fixed (2nd one thanks to Alastair), the third I 
have not heard any progress on, the fourth is still open but may get 
dealt with this weekend.

As the 2.6.18 kernel is not yet ready to migrate to testing, we will 
release RC1 with 2.6.17.

We have already had a first successfull d-i upload and a full CD build, 
though I've not yet looked at these extensively. This is planned for this 
weekend. Expect a separate mail about this.

I have today started the migration of the final udebs for RC1 to testing, 
so that basically means no more changes are possible. Please do not 
upload any new udebs over the next few days.

The fact that the latest XOrg has just migrated to testing and will thus 
be included in RC1 is very nice.

Updated release planning

28-29 Oct  Testing and fixes for full CDs

30    Oct  udebs should have migrated to testing
30/31 Oct  Final build and upload of d-i
 1    Nov  Switch daily links to etch_d-i
 1- 3 Nov  Final testing using daily images
 1/ 2 Nov  Weekly full CD build
 1- 4 Nov  Further testing
 1- 4 Nov  Preparation of release notes, errata, etc.
 4/ 5 Nov  Migration of d-i to testing
 3/ 4 Nov  CD builds
 5    Nov  Release

This is still optimistic and does not leave much time for testing, but as 
the remaining testing is mostly to confirm there were no unexpected 
regressions, I don't think this is a major problem. RC1 itself will after 
all be the real basis for release worthiness testing.

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