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Re: draft guidelines for official CD images

On Saturday 14 October 2006 12:25, Andreas Barth wrote:
> * Bastian Blank (waldi@debian.org) [061014 12:19]:
> > What happens with the {non-free,firmware} images which will be needed
> > for etch+1 for many of our users?
> They will be on CD, of course. "DFSG-free" means whatever it means for
> the normal release, as decided by the responsible persons and perhaps
> overrules by the TC or the developers at large. And, for the "standard
> images", these guidelines don't mean any change.

Your statement is contradictory.
DFSG-free means that it would be in main. Bastian's question was about 
drivers/firware that cannot be in main.

I would appreciate it if we would not make hard decisions/statements on 
this NOW, but first await the post-etch discussion (or better 
investigation) on how, as a project, we can and want to support hardware 
that is technically non-free in the installer (and thus on Debian CD 

See <200609120147.30962.elendil@planet.nl> and 
<200609261818.37594.elendil@planet.nl> for my personal opinion on this.

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